💦Rub-A-Dub-Dub-20-Hockey-Players-In-A-Tub 💦🏆👑🤽‍♂️🦆

by Jr Reign

It was a player and billet parents pool party & BBQ at the RSL Aquatics center and we all had a heck of a good time! Big thanks to Rene and Dave Nowell for inviting us over to their fantastic facility + Sage and Mike for showing us the finer points of rubber ducky water polo! 

RSL has over 25 years of expertise and offers AquaFit, Lap Swim, and Splashball in addition to swim lessons for all ages and skill levels. 

Friday, September 23rd, and Saturday, September 24th mark the Home Opening weekend for your Junior A Reign hockey team playing out of Ontario Center Ice Arena. Catch All The Hard Hitting, High Flying Action this year! Click here to purchase your tickets today, save big, and thank you for supporting the Reign!

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